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Namaskaram - Overwatch Symmetra Fanbook (Regular orders)

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"A classical dancer starts and ends every dance session with a Namaskar - an act of obeisance. By doing Namaskaram, the dancer pays respect to the God, the Guru, and the audience, and seeks blessings from the Earth, asking permission to step on her during the dance."

<Namaskaram> is a collection of comics and illustrations centered around Symmetra and Indian Classical Dance. Symmetra is known to weave her hard-light constructs in the traditional dances of her homeland-the contents of this fanbook are based on my speculations of how she became to develop an interest in dancing. :)


Book specs
A4 (210*297mm / 8.2*11.7in), 52 pages excluding cover, full color(partial monotone), perfect bound

2 short comics, illustrations with description pages
Symmetra only (no other characters/ships involved)


There are two shipping options :
EMS(Express Mail) - 2~5 days shipping time, tracking included
International Airmail - 10~30 days shipping time, tracking not included


If you have any questions, please contact me at or @nisat on tumblr!